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Monday, March 22, 1999
This week, pretty much everything is new. Writers, painters, chefs, manicurists and psychics are working around the clock to wrap up those critical little details that differentiate a truly great website from a grilled cheese sandwich. A truly great grilled cheese sandwich.

What is The Spool of Destiny? It's too early to tell. It may all be different by next issue, so it's hardly worth speculating at this point. According to the masthead this is a quarterly publication, but there's likely to be something new and interesting every week or so. Check here to find out what.

Planned Changes

  • That Endless Lists page has got to go. It's boring, pointless, and pretentious. The lists will be pared and turned into brief reviews (just the music and movies). This will be much more interesting and every bit as pretentious. Possibly even vaguely useful, though not intentionally.
  • The page was intended to be a bit more informational, and in due time it will be. If you are a wealthy Appert and wish to buy this domain, contact us at once.
  • The Usual Suspects will change as new suspects come forward. If you'd like to be featured on this page, send in a photo from your distant youth and an incisive psychological profile.
This is just the beginning. Everything will be changing all the time, including you.

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