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Friends of the Family
Friends, coworkers, etc. who have found a web presence of some sort. This is sometimes called logrolling, but not by loggers.

  • Unchained Geometry
    My old pal Jules Bloooooooooo-menthal, now chief mad genius of the computer graphics world!
  • Pixel Dreams
    Jim Signorile presents screen savers, music, ground hogs and other related items at this multi-attractive site
  • Diana's Place
    Where the margaritas never stop flowing!
  • Ben Von Ullrich
    "I know you are, but what am I?"
  • Karen Hogoboom
    Caution! Cat pictures ahead!
  • eSwing!
    Eric Mittler's secret life after work

Fun Sites to See
Amusing (or possibly just bizarre) places we've found on the web

  • Eternal Life!
    The deeper you dig into this site, the more astounded you will become!
  • Chihuahua Pharaohs
    Secrets of the Ages revealed! Little Dogs and fun fonts!
  • Penguins a Go Go
    Some wacky world travellers who never leave the penguin home!
  • Spam Haiku
    Because meat in a can is poetry waiting to happen
  • Bill Ding
    A ghost from my youth...Also check out their fine selection of handles!
  • The Death Clock
    Find out how many seconds you have left to live


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