This Year's Theme: Octotecture!
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Low tide will be at approximately 8:00am. High tide will be about 2:20pm. Kathleen Q. will be foreman (forewoman?) of the construction crew.

Bring pails, shovels and other interesting implements, sunscreen, towels, hats, food and drink (there will be barbeques available) (there is also a snack bar at the visitors center), cameras, and plenty of sand!

Please do not bring pets (unless they live in salt water), handguns, hostile microorganisms, bad attitudes, radioactive waste materials, televisions, Scandinavian furniture, encyclopedias, improperly handled raw pork products, bad weather, lice, robots, Etruscan pottery, canned processed cheese products, false idols, submarines, kryptonite, or any California gubenatorial candidates.


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