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If you were foolish enough to be visiting here in the past few months, you wil have read of my exciting summer plans for a cross-country bicycle trip. And as it happens, on June 5, 2005, I did in fact dip my rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean with about 20 other riders intent on meeting the Atlantic at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Sadly, the journey ended for me in Elko, Nevada, when after a day or two of increasingly feverish riding it became clear that a visit to the hospital was in order. Turns out I had pneumonia, and a fever raging between 103 and 105.1.

End of ride. Five days in hospital.Some great nurses. Two doctors - Dr. Nevins, a very nice family practice guy with very nice suits, dropped in to wish me well once or twice a day. His partner, internist Dr. Hogle, rolled in in his wheelchair, and with his casual clothes and sandy-silver hair, seemed like the ideal TV doctor-detective, inquisitively working his way down various obscure alleyways of inquiry, searching for the mysterious answer to my maladies.

In the end these maladies weren't all that exciting, though it did turn out to be an "atypical" pneumonia, which would have been my personal preference anyway. So now I'm back home with many weeks of free time ahead of me. This isn't a bad thing, since we just remodeled the house and there's tons of work still to be done, but I'm finding I can work just fine for an hour or two and then I run out of breath and have to sit down for a few hours. That's the only reason this webpage is getting updated, by the way. Sometimes it's good to have some forced downtime.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the ride, from the Pacific Ocean to Elko, Nevada, where I finally had to hang it up.

Sometime later this week (and when I say week, I mean YEAR) I'll get all these bike pages in order and write up a little tale of my bicycular history, for now there are a few pictures of my current fleet linked to the left.

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